About A Competitive Couple

Welcome to a Competitive Couple, a blog and podcast all about the world of board gaming for two. Together, we try to cover great games to play on your tabletop as a twosome!

Jamie Chadd

Cardboard enthusiast and revered reviewer.

Fun facts:

Favourite games: Great Western Trail, X-Wing

Favourite gaming moment: Thinning out my herd in GWT by taking all the Jerseys ‘out back’

Sore loser?: No, but consistent.

Favourite TV show: LOST, Firefly, The Americans, Parks and Rec

Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park, When Harry Met Sally, Star Wars

Charlotte Collins

Meeple mayor, podcast ninja and provider of photography.

Fun facts:

Favourite games: Eldrich Horror, Pandemic Legacy

Favourite gaming moment: When Jamie decided to sacrifice my character to Shub-Niggorath in Eldrich Horror

Sore loser?: I wouldn’t know – I never lose. 😉

Favourite TV show: Community, The Good Place, Buffy

Favourite Movie: Back to the Future, Kingsman, Wall-E