In ‘Meet the Meeples’, the first ever podcast episode of Competitive CoupleCast, Charlotte and Jamie look back over the games of Christmas past, spiral into the depths of despair with highlights from their game of Eldritch Horror and have a hearty discussion about how affordable board gaming is as a hobby.

Episode Timestamps

2:10 – Meet the meeples! We talk about how we got into board games

8:30 – What are our favourite games?

9:20 – Who out of the two of us is the most competitive?

10:28 – Introducing a segment on what we played over Christmas 2017

11:23 – Obama Llama

14:35 – Banana Drama

16:00 – The Resistance

20:56 – Get Bit

22:33 – Mysterium

25:40 – Great Western Trail

28:35 – Statecraft

32:21 – Eldritch Horror playthrough

48:00 – A discussion about whether board gaming is an expensive or affordable hobby

54:11 – Wrapping up the podcast!

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Music:Day of Chaos”, “Evening of Chaos”, “Night of Chaos”, “Obliteration” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0