We’re back with a brand new Competitive CoupleCast episode, capturing our entire year in Pandemic Legacy Season 2!

From unboxing to our fateful last moves, join us as we share the highs and numerous lows of our year-long campaign.

The first 13 minutes are spoiler-free, but from that point on, spoilers abound! Definitely have a listen if:

  • You’ve played it yourself, and would like to revel in our misery (or compare it to your own!)
  • You really don’t care about spoilers (spoilers schmoilers)
  • You have no intention of playing it yourself…but are the tiniest bit curious about how the story unfolds!

Where to find Episode 8: A Year in Pandemic Legacy Season 2

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The sound effects used in this episode were from Zapsplat.com.
Music – “Obliteration” “The Descent” and “Urban Gauntlet” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. The track ‘Contamination’ is from Purple-Planet.com.