The Podcast

A Competitive Couple is a board gaming podcast brought to you by have-a-go hosts Charlotte Collins and Jamie Chadd. Together, we share our adventures in board gaming, and talk all about great games you can play on your tabletop as a twosome!

What to Expect

As of 2019, our podcast will be undergoing a bit of a reboot! Rather than exploring a range of topics and games, we’ll be covering a game per episode going forward.

We’ll be beginning with an episode all about Pandemic Legacy Season 2, coming out January 2019. We’ll be sharing our highs and lows of our campaign, and delivering our final verdict on whether we recommend it as a two player game.

Terraforming Mars cards

Our Latest Episodes

Our last episode was Podcast 7: Why Do We Board Game? We explore some of the reasons why we are drawn to the hobby and some of the ways board gaming is good for you, and shared our first impressions on The Chameleon, Roll Player and Star Wars: Rebellion.

You can listen to our latest episode below, or if you’d like to catch up with our previous episodes, they can all be found here.


Where to find us

You can find us on a multitude of podcast players, including Soundcloud, iTunes, Acast, TuneIn and Podbean.

Contact us!

We’re still newbies to all this, and our podcast is still a little rough around the edges, like a dinged box. So we’d massively appreciate any feedback on what you liked and what you’d like to hear more of. You can tweet us at @competitiveduo, or email us at!

Or, if you’ve got any questions for us, or any gaming anecdotes you’d like to share with us, let us know!